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Applications are: OPEN.

Reserves are suggested, but not required in order to submit an application. Be sure to take a look at the rules before you app!

Personal Journal:
Player Contact: Plurk/e-mail
Characters in Game:

Suitability: Let us know how your character would function in an explicitly sexy fantasy land. How would they take the news? How would they adapt? How would they treat the people around them?
Canon Point: The point in which you will be taking them from.
World/Setting: {For OCs/CRAUs only! Please talk about the setting your characters are being taken from. It's important to understand why their world makes them who they are.}
History: {If possible, you may link to this section. If your character doesn't have a reliable section you may have to summarise. If you want to connect the history and personality section, that's fine, just make a note of it.}
Personality: {THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION. We're not looking for an essay here, if you can write a concise but comprehensive guide to your character, power to you. We ask that you take care to consider your characters motivations, relationships and canon events that shaped them.}
Abilities/Weaknesses: This section doesn't have to be particularly detailed. We'd just like to know about the powers they may be regaining and things we can use against them. :)
RP Samples: {Two samples over 200 words. You may link one and at least one of them must be a third person or prose format.}


Please comment with a link to your application, as well as the character name, canon, and reserve status (if applicable) in the subject line of your comment. Thank you!

Pretty self explanatory. If you want to bump your character up in canon, just fill out this form and post it here. We want at least 200 words on what changes this will make to them and how events impacted them.

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Angel | Borderlands | Reserved

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Alisha Daniels | Misfits | Reserved

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Ember McLain | Danny Phantom | Reserved

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John Egbert | Homestuck | Reserved

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Ren Nagai | original character | not reserved

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Valmont | Jackie Chan Adventures | unreserved

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Ardyn Izunia || Final Fantasy XV ||

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Estinien Wyrmblood | Final Fantasy XIV | Reserved

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who's ready to fuck a furry

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