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Applications are: OPEN.

Reserves are suggested, but not required in order to submit an application. Be sure to take a look at the rules before you app!

Personal Journal:
Player Contact: Plurk/e-mail
Characters in Game:

Suitability: Let us know how your character would function in an explicitly sexy fantasy land. How would they take the news? How would they adapt? How would they treat the people around them?
Canon Point: The point in which you will be taking them from.
World/Setting: {For OCs/CRAUs only! Please talk about the setting your characters are being taken from. It's important to understand why their world makes them who they are.}
History: {If possible, you may link to this section. If your character doesn't have a reliable section you may have to summarise. If you want to connect the history and personality section, that's fine, just make a note of it.}
Personality: {THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION. We're not looking for an essay here, if you can write a concise but comprehensive guide to your character, power to you. We ask that you take care to consider your characters motivations, relationships and canon events that shaped them.}
Abilities/Weaknesses: This section doesn't have to be particularly detailed. We'd just like to know about the powers they may be regaining and things we can use against them. :)
RP Samples: {Two samples over 200 words. You may link one and at least one of them must be a third person or prose format.}


Please comment with a link to your application, as well as the character name, canon, and reserve status (if applicable) in the subject line of your comment. Thank you!

Pretty self explanatory. If you want to bump your character up in canon, just fill out this form and post it here. We want at least 200 words on what changes this will make to them and how events impacted them.

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Angel | Borderlands | Reserved

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Ah, ah, ah. Language.
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yes hello
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it's this journal right here
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Ember McLain | Danny Phantom | Reserved

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wow i cant believe u guys accepted my chip skylark app
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true story saturday at anime boston i was v v drunk and was asked by a drunk female timmy turner cosplayer with fake buckteeth if i "wanted a timmy turner blowjob"

i nearly said yes
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I'll be using this journal here, thanks!

also that courier text looked fucking enormous on my phone, that was pretty funny
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I'll be using this journal! Hauntpadour all the way
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its ya eggboy, John
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Ren Nagai | original character | not reserved

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Got it! I hope this helps! :)

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While his world and our world have many similarities, from geography to technology, its key difference is in the pockets of cult followings worldwild. All are different in their fanatical beliefs, be they new religions, or extensions of existing ones, and have existed for many generations, giving them a sense of normalcy in the world around them, even if they're not popularly accepted. The family that Ren was born to prides itself in following "traditional, wholesome values" - the "flock" is led and supported by the chief (Ren's father, in this case) and those of biological male gender. Women are seen as better pregnant and tending to the house and home, and are all raised with a highly selective, limited, and even misleading education. They learn how to do household chores before they can even talk, and are only given enough knowledge to read, write, and solve simple math (such as for use in cooking.) Above all, they are to be subservient.

Women of age are then offered up to a man of similar age (regardless of friendship, though it's considered to make everything easier on everyone else,) and are pretty much expected to birth children until the day they can either no longer do so until menopause, or drop dead of complications. There's an in-cult doctor or two, sometimes, but not always, and so typically, only the men get care since they have permission to walk out of the cult's territory in order to obtain what they need. After all, to them, women are black sheep, and cannot be trusted to stay true to their Lord and husband if they get a glimpse of the world around them. However, they are not important enough to satisfactorily upkeep; they're expected to die before they lose the ability to reproduce.

There are also other ranks of people within the cult - such as those who can fight, or scout out prospective new victims into the fold. Ones that leave the fold, such as Ren, have one of each of those two ranks to follow them and assassinate them, lest the word get out to the unworthy, or worse, tarnish their clan's name. These folk also assassinate anyone that the cult chieftain, deems a threat in general. Ultimately, these practices tend to be done either in the dead of night with blades or other silent weapons, or hidden in plain sight with poison if it's too difficult to catch someone asleep.

It honestly began around his early teens when he began to dislike wearing dresses. He also was able to see how his male peers were treated so much differently thanks to that cult's approach to gender roles. He could see when he was getting shafted, and honestly, it only kick-started because he wanted the same roles that his male peers got. Of course, so young, and, honestly, dumb, he had no real way to figure out how to get what he wanted, so he mostly resorted to pouting and getting angry. This continued to happen for years as he increased the frequency of his rebellion and continued to try and gain favor in terms of having a more masculine position in his family. He tried to help with tasks, go out places with his peers and their fathers, and only wound up more frustrated by being turned down again and again.

He figured this was a small matter, and that he simply wasn't trying hard enough to garner the right amount of conviction. He mainly rebelled from his mother as a result of these attempts, not believing that she was as strong as she said she was simply because of how she bowed to nearly every thing her husband said, and similarly not believing that his father knew entirely what was best for him. With the continued insistence from all sides that Ren was female, his pride rankled as time went on, but so far, there was nothing he could do to convince them.

In his mid-teens, he started dating his best friend, believing that he would gain the power he wanted in his own life in order to be "one of the guys." One step was with exchanging clothing, and only reinforcing what gender he knew himself to be at heart. And while his friend would sometimes wear his clothing in return, he could tell that he was only doing it for the hilarity of it, unaware of how Ren really felt. He could tell that his boyfriend thought that it was just a cute little thing - a phase - and had no idea that Ren saw it as "coming home into the right skin." Ren could tell that his boyfriend just didn't understand, and he wasn't sure how to describe things, himself. He didn't even know that "transgender" was the word for what he felt in general for his whole life: the discomfort with his own body and his "assumed" role as a mother-to-be, the satisfaction of wearing trousers and a shirt rather than a skirt or dress. He was home in this attire. Enough to make him cry in frustration and discomfort when he couldn't don those clothes. All around him, he was seen as a girl with a very strange and annoying phase: something to be looked down upon, and even scorned at.

It was why he rebelled so harshly. He wanted so badly to be himself, that he was willing to do whatever it took to be recognized as male, short of perpetuating any views of womanhood in him. He didn't want to be a mother of 12+ by the time he was 28. He realized that if he didn't get things resolved in his favor, or leave, he was not going to be the man that he was.
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This one right here. <3
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Valmont | Jackie Chan Adventures | unreserved

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this nerd, this one right here

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This one right here!
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