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This is the correct place to claim your monthly coins. Please fill out the COIN CLAIM form below and post in the comments and your claim will promptly be approved, denied or revised.

This is also the correct place to cash in coins for a purchase. Please fill out the CASH IN form below and your request will be approved, denied or revised promptly.

You can claim your coins and make a purchase at any time.

Gold can be earned by accomplishing a new set of tasks each month. To claim a task, it must be addressed in a thread somewhere by your character. This can be through discussion, introspection or involving someone else in playing out the scenario. We don't expect you to create a new log for each task, we only expect that your characters will only claim tasks that are IC for them.

You can claim multiple tasks a month. You cannot do one task more than once. Every character can claim a task unless there are limited sign ups for it.

You must also claim your Apprentice, Guard or employment coins here.

PLEASE claim your coins within a month or they will EXPIRE, do not make the mods backtrack through months of threads.

Coin can be used to purchase powers, weapons or objects from home. It can also be used to upgrade housing, transport and wardrobe. It can be used to purchase potions, magical creatures, weapons and sometimes objects of relevance during events.

Players can create objects they would like their characters to purchase and mods can set a price for it.

(in this list "g" stands for coins. coins may also be called gold from time to time.)
Object from home: 50g
Weapon from home: 100g
Power from home: 200g
Housing upgrade (from dishevelled shack to stone cottage): 200g
Housing upgrade (from stone cottage to marble tower): 500g
Horse: 150g
Potion, magical creature, weapons: 100g

The lord giveth, the lord taketh. Abuse of power will result in a loss of power, no refunds. You can kill villagers, of course, just not all of them. Attacking the Mistress or her soldiers will result in a total loss of power. She is omnipotent in this setting.




If your character has been very naughty, please let us know here. Naughtiness includes murder, hassling The Mistress, disrespecting the Mistress, practicing magic without supervision (Apprentice), missing curfew (Apprentice), skipping shifts (Guards) and anything else that you feel is against the grain of their roles.

Please fill out the form below and a mod will get back to you with a punishment shortly.


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