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Oglaf Wikia

☆ Don't be a dick. Do we need to explain this one? Harrassing, bullying and other such behaviours are not tolerated here. As a smut game, we take pressuring, harrassing behaviour very seriously.
☆ Be IC. The setting can be a difficult adaptation for many characters, but we ask that players always do their very best to represent their characters properly.
☆ Players must be 18+ to join.
☆ 16+ characters and players only. No exceptions. No body of a child, mind of an adult scenarios, please.
☆ Please have an up to date permissions post and HMD in your journal.
☆ Fourthwalling is to be done with permission, godmodding is bad and you should feel bad.
☆ There will be a cast cap of 6 characters. This is subject to change based on interest in the game.
☆ CRAUs are allowed, however they are capped at 6 characters from any particular game. This is to ensure that it does not become "That Game: The Second" and to ensure that other players are not frozen out of CR.



What sort of character can I app here?
A character who is 16+, please. OCs are welcomed, as are CRAUs. CRAUs are capped at 6 per game transplant and we ask that you seek the permission of any cast you may be apping your CRAU into. Fandom OCs will be considered on a case by case basis.

Only 2 duplicates of any given character are allowed.

What are the Activity Check requirements?
Activity is 10 comments a month, posted by you. Failure to make AC requires double the amount on the following month. If you fail to clear AC twice in a row, you will be asked to leave the game.

Failing to make AC means any coins your character earned over the month is void.

What are coins?
Coins the currency here. It can be earned on a monthly basis according to quests the mods set for each character group. Different quests earn a different amount of coins, you can have your character complete more than one quest. Coins can be tallied when AC is tallied and validated at the end of each month, the fresh set of quests will be posted each month.

We ask that players keep their characters IC when having them complete set quests. More information about coins can be found here.

Can I hiatus?
Of course! So long as you go through the official mod channels, your hiatus will exclude you from having to check in for AC. You may still claim coins in this period.

We ask that you keep your hiatus under 4 weeks, a hiatus over a month long is not permitted.

Do you have HMDs?
Yes. Monthly and mandatory. We want to keep channels of communication wiiiiide open.

Do you allow challenge apps?
Not at this time, sorry!

Can I age my character up to 16 to app them?
No. At this time we will only be accepting characters who are 16 and over in canon.

Can I app from Oglaf?
The Mistress is the only current NPC, but we ask that you drop us a line before you consider a character. We may have an event pre-planned with certain characters.

Can I app multiple characters from the same canon?
Not at this time, no. If the cast cap increases with game size, it will be considered.

Is this game a rip-off of Apprentice Wanted?
Yes and no. This game is made by the original mod behind AW and one of the former mods from the later team. It was a toss up between this and yet another monster transformation game.

Where is my character?
The world of Oglaf! Your character is in some sort of disney/fairy tale/pornography wonderland. The kindgom is nameless, but it is bountiful and beautiful. Sex is treated casually in this world, the time period is not burdened with prudish values and the denizens of this world are the horniest you've ever seen.

We go into more detail in the settings page.

Who is The Mistress?
The Mistress is the tyrant ruler of the kingdom. She's surly, wicked and insatiable. She's a powerful sorceress and seductress and she will stop at nothing to get her way. We go into more detail in the NPC page.

Can my character interact with The Mistress?
At this time, The Mistress won't have much interest in one on one discussions with characters. In the future, we will be introducing more NPCs for events and there may be opportunities to interact with them.

Players are welcome to handwave interactions with villagers, guards and magical beings like dwarves and nymphs. We go into more detail in the NPC page.

What is my role in the game? What does an Apprentice/Guard/Outlier do?
We've dedicated a whole page to this information, you can find it here.

Can my character change roles?
Yes, of course! Not without some adversity, depending on the change. It will be easier to give up being an Apprentice and move to the village than it will be to come from the village and try to be an Apprentice. However, we want our players to feel like they can do what works for them, so we welcome making IC changes for your benefit.

Can my character bring anything from home?
They will only come with the clothing on their back. No weapons, no pets and no technology. All of these can be gained back using coins, but keep in mind any form technology may not work anymore.

Guards can gain back a power or a weapon by choosing to be a guard.

Will my character have their powers?
Not to start with, no. Powers can be gained back using coins. Choosing to be a guard gains you back one power.

What if my character has innate abilities because of their species?
Innate, species based abilities will still be nerfed. Everyone comes in on (relatively) equal footing. Innate/Species based abilities can be regained back with ONE regain. For example, Legolas can regain his heightened sight, sense of hearing and immortality back all at once since they all pertain to being an elf.

My character is a mage/wizard/witch, do I have to regain every single spell or can I regain a few at once?
We are willing to accept "bulk" regains in cases like this, if you can categorize particular spells, we can accept them as a category.

What if my character is injured/dead?
All ailments, including death, will be healed before characters arrive. They will be in one piece, no bleeding on the nice rugs.

How does time work?
We work in real time.

Can my character die here?
They can. They will be necromanced back to life. Please let the mods know and we can have an NPC to do this for them. Sometimes they will expect payment, depending on the situation.

Can I app a non-humanoid character/robot/cyborg?
Yes, absolutely! Give us your alien, beastly and robotic masses. Magic can be used as a cure-all for any logistical issues such as robot maintenance.

Am I allowed to give my non-humanoid character a human body?
Yes, absolutely. We ask that you try not to "same face" and choose actors/actresses that are already in the game.

What happens to my character during hiatus? What happens to them if I drop?
Entirely up to you! You're welcome to use creative freedom to decide what they're up to. They can be on auto-pilot, lost in the forest, travelling to a different kingdom to acquire a fancy cheese for The Mistress and whatever seems IC. Just let your close CR know.

If you drop, they simply vanish. Sometimes with a poof of purple, sparkly magic.

Do I have to read Oglaf to play here?
Absolutely not, especially since it doesn't really have a cohesive plot to it. We highly recommend reading at least a few strips to understand the world and the humor, though. A fondness for fantasy and fairy tales will also be very helpful.

Can players run plots?
Absolutely! We encourage player participation and creativity. Your brains are untapped sources of wonderful ideas, just waiting for a spigot. We go into more detail in the Player Plot/Event Suggestion page.

Can I play non-consensual situations here?
This is a tough question. We understand that this universe can be highly confronting and inappropriate for some characters and that other characters are not inherently good people. However, we would prefer to keep this game as light and fun as possible, so we ask that players consider the tone of the game before going ahead with this sort of theme.

Will my character be judged for their sexuality/kinkshamed here?
The short answer is no. At least, not from the residents of this world. Characters will notice they are incredibly sexually liberated and have mostly moved beyond homophobia as a whole. You will also be pressed to find anyone willing to shame your character for their kinks.

We cannot account for the characters that app into the game, it is possible they are not as sexually enlightened.

How will events work?
You can expect an event once a month, maybe more depending on the depth of it. We will put up a plotting post anywhere from a few days to a week in advance and generally we will post open logs for reactions and interactions.

Sometimes plots will run a little longer and will involve sign ups, NPC interaction and resolution. Sometimes plots will be an off the wall, random situation with no resolution. There isn't a fixed length of time events will run for.

What can my character purchase with coins? How much will everything cost?
We have a page dedicated to this information.

I just noticed there isn't a network, is this going to be a log exclusive game?
This game will primarily be log-based, due to the setting. However, there's an event pre-planned already in which more effective communication methods will be accessible. We would prefer characters get out and explore the world and meet people before we implement it.

Remember: Ask questions! Help us pad this page out. ♡

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[personal profile] elvenhope 2017-03-27 11:28 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a few questions in regards to non-human characters. As you can see, I'm interested in bringing Deedlit in from Lodoss. She's a High Elf. How does her racial attributes translate into the game, seeing as how Elves tend to have faster reflexes, better hearing and better sight than human beings. Additional to this, Lodoss High Elves are considered to possess an "eternal life". For all intents and purposes, this is functional immortality. They live basically forever unless directly killed by someone. How would this be handled in game?

Power wise, I also have questions. I understand that powers are nurfed at the start of the game. I am assuming this is also the case with magic. When getting enough points/coins to repurchase her magic, would it be spell by spell basis? Deedlit is an Elemental Shamen and her spells are basically accomplished by summoning different elemental spirits do to her bidding. For example her smallest elemental spell is a spell of Lights of which is summons the spirits of the light to create a burst of bright light in dark places. The largest and most powerful of her summons is Aruku (sometimes spelled Iruku dependent on translation) the King of the Wind (he takes out a dragon at her behest). So would it be a single purchase for say "Elemental Summoning: wind" and cover all her wind magics/Summons or would it be a 1:1 basis?