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The Mistress☆
From the Oglaf Wiki: The Mistress is dominant, has high self-esteem, and is very sadistic. She doesn't think twice about the value of other people's lives or feelings. If somebody is to die or be punished, she would rather see it done with creativity and suffering. She is impulsive and capricious, willing to spare one's life if they give her a gift she fancies or if the circumstances just happen to be right.

You can read more about her here

Guards ☆
As you might have guessed from the fact that they are an entity and not a single person, the guards do not have a very clear personality.

They are identifiable by their helmets, capes, minimalistic armor and swords. They seem to delight in taunting Apprentices and would be assassins. They are completely loyal to The Mistress and would die to protect her, though they are not beyond attempting to correct her or advise her from time to time. Though they appear serious on the job, they enjoy pranks, drinking and sex as much as anyone else in the kingdom.

Nurssssessss ☆
Perhaps the most mysterious characters, despite their penchant for secret telling. The nurses are a ghoulish shade of pale with sharp talons rather than normal nails. Their eyes are hidden by red ribbons and their lips are blue, surrounding rows of sharp fangs and forked tongues. They hiss when they speak and struggle to laugh without sounding like they're choking.

Medicinally, their methods are questionable. They opt for leeches as a form of treatment, more often than not. At the very least, they are an open source of information and gossip freely. Whether they're truly allied with The Mistress is hard to say, they seem to fall in the category of chaotic neutral.

Villagers ☆
The commonfolk here are some of the most sexually enlightened people you will ever meet. Sex, race, species and alignments don't seem to matter when it comes to doing the dirty. There's very little prejudice in this village, though most of them are reasonably wary of witchcraft and prone to some strange superstitions. Their primary motivation is to get laid and avoid the plague.

Since nobody is really sure where the off-worlders have come from and what diseases they might carry, you can expect villagers to be wary of your character at first until the inevitable thirst kicks in. Your character may go from being a pariah to being a fantasy in a matter of days for most villagers. Characters will be welcomed into the village, offered work, offered drugs and alcohol, offered advice and most importantly, offered a solid dicking.

Very few villagers will come on too strong if your character turns them down, but you're welcome to assume some might be pushier than others. Please keep the tone of the game in mind when you use villagers in your thread.

Magical Beings ☆
This is a wide category of characters you can find in the game. The forests are filled with talking animals and trees, there are nymphs of all varieties and obnoxious dwarves trying to sell their obnoxious wares. You are free to create and handwave interactions with any magical being you can imagine, just keep the tone of the game in mind when you do.

To request an encounter with an NPC, please fill out this handy form and post it in the comments! This aspect of the game may not be commonly used until the game develops a need for it.

Character(s): The player character or characters that will be involved.
NPC(s): The NPC or NPCs you would like your character to encounter.
Log: A link to the log or thread where you would like the NPC to appear! If your character is doing something specific to contact an NPC, please mention it here, as well.

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