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Apprentices are taken directly under the wings of The Mistress. The "How To" tome promises potential Apprentices that they will be taught to wield incredible amounts of power by The Mistress herself. It talks of her gains through magic, the benefits of magic and the security and comfort it provides. Being an Apprentice means your living situation is secured and you are in the safest (and richest) part of the kingdom.

The tome will tell your character that learning magic is a gradual process that comes from the inside, but pays off with talents like fire summoning, telekinesis, potion making and really, really awesome explosions are assured. It will also go into detail about how sorcerers/sorceress have innate sexual magnetism and good looks and that they are desired above all others. They provide no source for this information.

Apprentices will learn magic so slowly, it’s as if they don’t know magic at all. If they’re willing to take a punishment, they can try to study independently in the library but they will have to brave guards, be sneaky and search hard to find spells that don’t pertain to sex. Characters may start with simple spells, moving objects, conjuring small gusts of wind or balls of fire or turning all of their fingers into dicks. Just pray they kind find the reversal for spells promptly.

Apprentices live very well in lavish rooms: decent size and private. You have a large wardrobe of clothing, many of which will have been gifted by admirers from different kingdoms. Your have a large, four poster bed with silk curtains to draw at night for sexy situations privacy. The rooms overlook a beautiful view of the kingdom, forest and farmlands. They will often be required to attend feasts and parties in the castle so that the Mistress can show them off.

The Mistress doesn’t bully them as much as Ivan, though they will still be subject to her whims. They have access to a wide variety of outfits and fineries, most of them resembling lingerie. They can wander the village but they have a curfew. Missing the curfew must be reported to the rewards and punishment page for a punishment. Punishments for skipping daily chores and practicing magic without her approval.

They can leave the castle, so long as they return before midnight or face punishment. They can visit the forests and the markets as they please.


Apprentices are tattooed with the symbol of the mistress. They wear horned hats and helmets, since horns are the symbols of a sorcerer in the Oglaf universe. Truly learning magic will cause horns to sprout from your head, and those will be hard to hide.

There are no other strict wardrobe guidelines, but they tend to wear robes of any colour. These can be more standard or more "cheesecake mage" style.

Apprentices are paid a humble wage of 10 gold a month to be claimed at AC. They can complete tasks for further wages.


CANON: Harry Potter
CHARACTER: Sirius Black | [personal profile] blackdogstar

CANON: Harry Potter
CHARACTER: Remus Lupin | [personal profile] moonshined

CANON: Harry Potter
CHARACTER: James Potter | [personal profile] braveatheart

CANON: Original
CHARACTER: Kaphlar Kinra | [personal profile] ignisvulpes

CANON: Marvel Cinematic Universe
CHARACTER: Wanda Maximoff | [personal profile] divaricate

CANON: Final Fantasy XIV
CHARACTER: Alphinaud Leveilleur | [profile] katarou




If you are physically strong, you may be in luck. The Mistress is always working to circumvent assassination attempts, as fun as they may be. Other kingdoms want her head for her disrespect and people within her kingdom want her dead for bringing trouble and being a tyrant. The tome promises a good wage, a comfortable living situation and an endless invitation to parties, feasts, orgies and any event that requires a watching eye. The tome assures you that guards are the sexiest, most desirable people in the kingdom. They're rugged, ruthless and people will constantly swoon and sigh in their presence.

Your fellow guards look serious and stern to begin with, but after a brief hazing period they will welcome new members to the team. There's a lot of drinking and laughter in the barracks, the soldiers love pranks and love to taunt Apprentices. There's a nerds vs jocks situation brewing between them, so opting to be a guard almost instantly makes you cool.

They do not tolerate disrespect when it comes to themselves or The Mistress, though they aren't totally beyond calling her out when she's doing something ill advised.

The barracks are not as lavish as the Apprentice's private rooms, but they're not living in squalor. There's about four beds to a room, usually decent sized bunk beds. It's difficult to get a little privacy, but what happens in the barracks, stays in the barracks. Depending on numbers, these can be assigned to player characters or you can assume your character is one in a room of NPCs.

The rooms are in the lower levels of the castle, so there are no windows and the air isn't always very fresh.

Sometimes you will be expected to take a night watch, so you won't end up in the rooms at all. It is possible, depending on shifts, for guards to spend nights outside of the castle. Guards are expected to be on duty during most festivities and feasts, but it is not uncommon to be distracted. Particularly by certain guests vying for your attention.

They can leave the castle and they do not have a curfew, they work in shifts. They can visit the forests and the markets as they please, but ICly they would not be out and about 24/7.

Not anyone can be a guard, Mistress will have to see strength, loyalty and sexiness in you to see you fit to serve her. This is a position you will need to be approved for, please don't be disappointed if your inexperienced character is not selected to protect the castle.

For the first time ever, male guards are welcome to sign up.

You will be tattooed with the mark of The Mistress. An offworlder guard is not expected to hide their entire face with a helmet, unless they want to conceal their identity. They will still wear a helmet. They also wear cowl necked capes in a shade of dark blue to differentiate them from native guards.

From the shoulders down, they wear thick leather gloves and corset like armor (with a boob window, of course) with ribbed shoulder pads a wide belt around their hips to hold a weapon. Guards all wear thongs. They wear tall, black leather boots with knee and leg armor.

Spears, swords, bows and arrows and flails are viable weapon options if you do not have a weapon you can source from home.

A guard gets one of their powers, weapons or items from home for signing up. They will be given tasks to ICly accomplish in order to earn more gold. A guard’s duties are better paid and they are given more opportunity to strengthen themselves by regaining powers and weaponry by gaining trust and completing tasks. They are paid a wage of 20 gold.

CANON: Final Fantasy XIV
CHARACTER: Aymeric de Borel | [personal profile] heiresy

CANON: Final Fantasy XIV
CHARACTER: Estinien Wyrmblood | [personal profile] dravanicide

CANON: Final Fantasy XV
CHARACTER: Noctis | [personal profile] starless_sky
POWER/ITEM TO BE REGAINED: His royal armiger

CANON: Lord of the Rings
CHARACTER: Éowyn | [personal profile] shieldofrohan

CANON: Warhammer 40,000
CHARACTER: Ciaphas Cain | [personal profile] boldlybackwards




When you leave the castle, a guard will escort you out and lead you to rows of abandoned, disheveled shacks on the outskirts of the village. They tell you to pick one. On the inside of the shack, there's a rickety table and chair and a very simple kitchen (a place to chop things, a fire pit and a large cauldron for cooking). You are blessed with a bed that has seen better days and a thin mattress with a warm blanket atop it.

The tome told you that outliers are the sexiest people in the kingdom. They go against the grain, they're rebellious and free. They dress and act how they want and people melt at the very idea of their crazy ideals and strong sense of character. You are free to come and go as you please, wander the village and meet the people and visit the inns and taverns. You can befriend the creatures of the forest and learn a little more about the world you've found yourself in.

It’s rough for you at the beginning. Independence comes at a price, but you should consider yourself lucky. You are provided with one extremely disheveled home and enough bland porridge to feed you for a week. You may venture into the forests to find food, but what you find may have psychedelic or arousing results.

Your character is still welcomed at feasts, festivities and events held in the castle. In fact, many of them are obligatory. Some of the higher class guests might treat outliers with disdain, most will try to hit on them.

Being an outlier means you must carve your own way through making money by finding a job with an NPC, or through other means. If you're lacking ideas, you can ask the mods for suggestions on this page.

There are markets held three times a week and you may set up shop or search for work. There are many wealthy store owners who will pay for some hard labor.

All NPC jobs pay 5 gold a month. Event quests and tasks can be accomplished monthly for additional gold.

CANON: Final Fantasy XIV
CHARACTER: Yenh Quryoja (WoL) | [personal profile] crimsonlight
Job: Potionmaker's apprentice

CANON: Gravity Falls
CHARACTER: Stanford Pines | [personal profile] meteorman

CANON: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
CHARACTER: Rohan Kishibe | [personal profile] manuscripture

CANON: The Real Ghostbusters
CHARACTER: Egon Spengler | [personal profile] hauntpadour

CANON: Final Fantasy XIV
CHARACTER: Lady Iceheart | [personal profile] icebrand




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