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Everyone needs to work to eat, don't they? Probably! However, the Kingdom offers anything your heart could desire... if you have the coin for it.

For simplicity's sake, we don't track every purchase your character makes. You don't need to itemize your character's grocery list, or inform us when they got a few new pairs of underpants. However, if a character appears to be living beyond their means, we may need to talk.

For everything else, there's this:

Prices may vary depending on the item. You can make a purchase at any time.

Simple Object from home: 50g
Basic Horse: 50g
Magical potions, magical creatures as pets: 100g
Weapon, Magical Object, or Power: 200g
Housing upgrades: Upgrades in overall quality of life begin at 150g and include both overall renovation and an increase in the size of the home. The price doubles for each step upward you take; I haven't done the math, but I'm sure you can build that fuckpalace if you keep at it long enough.
Small improvements at any stage can be purchased for 25g-100g, depending on what they are.

Not enough dough? Easily fixed. In addition to a character's regular payment from roles and jobs (ie: a successful AC), characters can earn coins by accomplishing quests. Quests are issued on a semi-monthly basis on the main comms. To claim a quest, it must be addressed in a thread somewhere by your character. This can be through discussion, introspection or involving someone else in playing out the scenario, and should be demonstrated on AC after thread completion. Every character can participate in quests, unless otherwise noted. Characters who have arrived during a quest-less month can do an open quest from the previous month, as they're designed not to be terribly time sensitive.

Please fill out the form below and post in the comments and your claim will promptly be approved, denied, or revised.

If you are unsure about how much a future purchase may be or if they character can afford it, feel free to contact us!


If your character has been very naughty, please let us know here. Naughtiness includes murder, hassling The Mistress, disrespecting the Mistress, practicing magic without supervision (Apprentice), missing curfew (Apprentice), skipping shifts (Guards) and anything else that you feel is against the grain of their roles.

Note: abuse of power will result in a loss of power—no refunds. You can kill villagers, of course, just not all of them. Attacking the Mistress or her soldiers will result in a total loss of power in addition to any punishment she may dole. Attacking another player character will get you spanked... or worse.

Please fill out the form below and a mod will get back to you with a punishment shortly. If you have a particular style or type of punishment you think would work well, or have a general idea about the kind of punishment you'd like to play out, you're welcome to put that in "desired punishment." Otherwise we'll come up with something for you off the cuff.

Punishments are meant to be fun to play out, while... well, punishing for the character. You're welcome to ask for a different one if what we give you doesn't offer flexibility or if you're concerned about the effect it may have on your character's playability. We want you to have fun!