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Applications are: OPEN.

Reserves are suggested, but not required in order to submit an application. Be sure to take a look at the rules before you app!

Personal Journal:
Player Contact: Plurk/e-mail
Characters in Game:

Suitability: Let us know how your character would function in an explicitly sexy fantasy land. How would they take the news? How would they adapt? How would they treat the people around them?
Canon Point: The point in which you will be taking them from.
World/Setting: {For OCs/CRAUs only! Please talk about the setting your characters are being taken from. It's important to understand why their world makes them who they are.}
History: {If possible, you may link to this section. If your character doesn't have a reliable section you may have to summarise. If you want to connect the history and personality section, that's fine, just make a note of it.}
Personality: {THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION. We're not looking for an essay here, if you can write a concise but comprehensive guide to your character, power to you. We ask that you take care to consider your characters motivations, relationships and canon events that shaped them.}
Abilities/Weaknesses: This section doesn't have to be particularly detailed. We'd just like to know about the powers they may be regaining and things we can use against them. :)
RP Samples: {Two samples over 200 words. You may link one and at least one of them must be a third person or prose format.}


Please comment with a link to your application, as well as the character name, canon, and reserve status (if applicable) in the subject line of your comment. Thank you!

Pretty self explanatory. If you want to bump your character up in canon, just fill out this form and post it here. We want at least 200 words on what changes this will make to them and how events impacted them.

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Angel | Borderlands | Reserved

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Ah, ah, ah. Language.
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Alisha Daniels | Misfits | Reserved

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Ember McLain | Danny Phantom | Reserved

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John Egbert | Homestuck | Reserved

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Ren Nagai | original character | not reserved

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Got it! I hope this helps! :)

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Valmont | Jackie Chan Adventures | unreserved

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Ardyn Izunia || Final Fantasy XV ||

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Estinien Wyrmblood | Final Fantasy XIV | Reserved

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who's ready to fuck a furry

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comes in

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Ardyn Izunia || Final Fantasy XV || Reserved

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We are only as strong as what we give.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum | FFXV | Reserved

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Name: Poshu
Timezone: Eastern Standard/USA
Personal Journal: n/a
Player Contact: morganmaumell @ plurk
Characters in Game: Noctis Lucis Caelum

Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum
Canon: Final Fantasy XV
Age: 20
Suitability: Oh honey, he's shy and withdrawn. He'd be a wreck and he'd withdraw from people, but he's got a hidden deeper passion for people too. He'd want to help other if he could and that can get him into plenty of trouble. He'd got a deeply hidden slutty side that can be tapped in a game like this. He wouldn't rush into sex with others, but if he gets into it, he'll be a passionate partner.
Species: Human
Canon Point: From the moment he is sucked into the crystal. Noct gets pulled into the crystal and instead of appearing in the weird inner dimension of the crystal, he is going to appear in the mistress' castle.
World/Setting: n/a
History: here
Personality: He's apathetic for one. He isn't one to start up conversation easily or ask if he can fix things or even upkeep his own life. In the anime it's shown that he keeps his apartment a pig sty and he doesn't cook for himself. He lives on junk food and resists the call to learn to cook or clean for himself. Ignis is shown mending his clothes because he doesn't bother to put the buttons back on it when they fall off. This same example is shown in the game as well. He's quick to let others do things for him. Ignis cooks for him and basically takes care of him like a mother, drives for him, fixes his clothes, monitors what he eats and that he sleeps. He is okay with this. In the anime he was also withdrawn in school, he wouldn't talk to people and even wandered away to stand alone during break times when everyone else would play or socialize. He would only talk to his friend Prompto and that was later in their lives. He's a quiet person, partly due to an injury he suffered as a child. He almost died in an attack meant to take his life. His nanny and drivers were killed and he was gravely wounded. He was a happier more upbeat child before this happened and afterward he was quiet and withdrawn. Whether this was from emotional or physical trauma is ever said [likely both considering he was in a coma after the attack.]

He is a caring person though, despite his laziness and his antisocial nature. In the anime he is shown getting visibly upset when he has to confront the thought of his father dying, to the point he can no longer train with Gladio for the day. He sits down and has a small meltdown about it. He is observant too. When he was a child he was summoned for an audience with Gladio's younger sister, Iris, who just wanted to meet him and feel special. She got distracted by a kitten wandering outside and ran after it, he noticed her through a window and left his attendant to follow her. None of the castle staff knew she had left but Noctis followed her as it began to rain and Iris got lost and hurt. He led her back to the citadel and took the blame for leading her outside. He cares about his friends, he has a panicked meltdown when Prompto is thrown off the train later in the game and he yells about him to Ardyn, demanding he tell him where Prompto is. He voices concern for his people and judgment for his father when he dies “and yet he chose to only protect one prince”. But he loves the people around him, he lives for Luna, his betrothed and the woman he loves. Any mention of her and he visibly perks up. When Iris tells him Luna was in Insomnia when it was destroyed, he stiffens. When he hears she escaped safely he sighs in relief, an exaggerated gesture for him. His friend Prompto regularly tells him “You know you could show a little emotion, Noct.” [even his icons are pretty neutral, srsly, this kid doesn't hardly smile] Throughout the game, as the stakes raise he grows more unhinged. As Ignis gets blinded, Luna dies, Prompto goes missing, Tenebrae is burned... he begins to sound more desperate, more hysterical and says things in battle he didn't say before like “Piss off” and “Suffer!” when his battle dialogue had been calmer before.

He's a spoiled brat, Ignis and Gladio take care of him and he lets them. He doesn't do a whole lot to maintain himself and he's lived that way his whole life but he does care deep down. Mostly, his resistance to interacting with others and taking responsibility is linked to his need to avoid thinking about his own fate. He is the chosen king and that means he's going to sacrifice his life to save the world. He doesn't want to think about this and up until the end of the game he resists it. He accepts it in time though he doesn't learn to express himself very well. Even at the end he has a hard time telling his friends he cares about them and leaving them is the hardest thing he ever has to do. He asks about how they're living, if Ignis will be able to tell when the dawn returns. He tells them to walk tall at the end and as he takes his throne he says out loud how he loves everyone and he cherishes his time with them.

He's cynical. One of his quotes from the developers goes like “fools set the rules in this world, just take a look around, it's undeniable.” He is ill suited to government and leadership. He is never the first one to decide a plan for himself and his friends on their journey, Gladio and Ignis have to prompt him and he is more or less taken for the ride. He is a passenger in his own mission. He doesn't begin to charge forward until the very end when no one can join him and he MUST go alone, to the crystal, to the throne, into the crystal world to face Ardyn etc. He is a realistic person and even with his love story with Lunafreya, he never admits to loving her around his friends. He seems cautiously optimistic about the whole thing but he doesn't gush or spew romantic ideals about it.

He also has a gentleness to him when it comes to animals. He laughs and feeds the chocobos, he pets them and chuckles getting them to calm down. He takes immediate pity on a hungry cat and fishes for its meal then has a chef cook it up for the animal. He feeds this same cat later in the game after it follows him across the world map. He pets his and Luna's dog Umbra anytime he appears. He is gentle even though he's awkward and standoffish. He plays along with Iris on their tour/pseudo date. He indulges Prompto's need for photos, he performs missions with his friends to get great photos, to race on the beach, to cook breakfast, and to try to get a photo of a hot girl. He is awkward but not at all uncaring. He is selfish but not cruel, he's awkward but he means well. He's a man who has a huge burden he's trying to avoid and thus is holding onto his youth as long as he can and reluctantly taking baby steps toward being the king everyone needs.

Abilities/Weaknesses: Well he can summon weapons out of thin air, he can use magic he absorbs from his world/the ground. He can summon the weapons of his ancestors. He can throw said weapons to warp away from or into danger. He is a marathon napper...

RP Samples:

[This is a sample from him in a game, Driftfleet. Hope that is cool.]

So, this was the kitchen. Great, it's a shame. It's a damn shame is what it is. Noctis glances around and explores the few drawers and shelves trying to find something appetizing. It's not just the transformation of food into a meal that makes things great. They kind of have to start out appetizing first. He has no idea what the hell that gel crap is. Okay, he does. It's something to do with that new augmentation that he didn't want to think about. But he had to. It was here, in his mind, an understanding of how to mix the gels up, how to cook in here, how to make a real meal out of this crap and believe him it was bonafide grade A crap.

He's never eaten like this before and it wasn't until now that he realized just how lucky he'd been all his life. His princely palate hadn't suffered like this before. It wasn't like he never ate peasant food before. Or like peasants had bad food anymore. He loved junk food and street food was his favorite. He was just used to high quality stuff and this... as he's squirting a dollop of some orange colored gel onto a spoon... this is the pits. It wasn't enough for them to kidnap and imprison them, to change their bodies, to rid them of powers.... they had to feed them this drivel too? What was this stuff even made of?

He found himself eyeing the dried vegetable with serious consideration! Sure, he used to cook as a job but.... he was sure even Ignis couldn't make a meal out of these materials. But his belly was rumbling and he had promised Luna he'd make something so here he went. He mixed some of the gels together and... well he made something that honestly did taste like a creamsicle but... he wouldn't wish the texture onto anyone.

Faintly he looked around at the rest of his stock and found beans. Of all things. Of course. They were the only thing that looked natural, the only things that were whole and in their original form, as nature intended. Of course they'd be here. He may have to break down and eat those some day... but not today. He closed the pantry up, took his bowl, and headed off.

And here you go
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Canon Update Request

[personal profile] takenblack 2017-07-17 07:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Player Name: Casey
Character: Yenh Quryoja
Canon: Final Fantasy XIV
Age: 27
New Canon Point: Post-4.0
Summary of events and changes: Yenh joined her strength to the Allied Forces of Eorzea and revolutionary groups to help free both Doma and Ala Mhigo from Imperial control. She operated more as a supersoldier and subversive agent than a lone hero, though she was key in several important battles, earning her more Imperial attention than probably anyone sane should want. She faced off against Crown Prince Zenos yae Galvus and defeated him; and, as of her canon update, she was regrouping with friends in Rhalgr's Reach after the decisive battle.

Personality-wise, she's gotten more stable in some ways and less in others; the painful losses of the Dragonsong War recede into the past, though it has left her feeling more jaded and intensely private with her thoughts and feelings as she continues to throw herself again and again into danger. However, there is contentment that others are taking up arms to defend what is theirs. Lately, she's conflicted about being called a "hero," since it has by now become her entire purpose for being. There's no way she wants to end her hard work to save the realm (and now, I guess, the whole world), but she has a complicated relationship with being lauded for it.

Finally, she has embraced Red Magic instead of Black—a conscious choice to end the impact her using Black Magic was having on the land. This also means she has a Cool New Outfit.

IN ADDITION: I will be using a new journal for her for her threads as of the canon update, and will remove this old one once the relevant threads are over. [personal profile] crimsonlight is the new journal.
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Ignis Scientia | Final Fantasy XV | Reserved

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Yuuko Ichihara | XXXHolic | unreserved

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Stanford Pines | Gravity Falls | Reserved

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